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Wenzhou Timber Group Co. administrative building roof billboard project tenders

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1, the construction unit: Wenzhou Timber Group Ltd.

2. Project Name: Project administrative building roof billboards

3, the construction site: Lucheng District 温金公 Road No. 42 Timber Group administrative building roof

4, Project Overview: The total investment of about 35,000 yuan

5, the tender content, scope: See the tender documents Description

6. Qualification requirements: housing construction general contracting projects Sanji and above

7, schedule requirements: 15 calendar days, the start order issued to the owners prevail, counting period.

8, the tender: the tender invitation, tender using standard dark cast next lowest bid.

9, receive the tender documents: January 19, 2016 - January 21 8: 00-17: 00, Wenzhou Timber Group Co. Administration Building, Room 202.

10, registration submissions: ① letter of introduction, corporate profile, business license (such as temperature field into the enterprise business license it needs to provide a copy of their tax Wenzhou Branch Wenzhou branch of the certified copy of registration), enterprise qualification certificate; ② not the information required by the above pre-qualification tender applicants will not pass. (The above item ① information shall be provided a copy of a copy must be stamped with company seal).

11 Deadline: at 9:30 on January 22, 2016

12, the tender Address: Room 203, Administration Building, Wenzhou Timber Group Ltd.

13, Contact: Mr Nguyen Dai Tel: 0577-89782216

Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Timber Group, whose predecessor is Wenzhou Timber Mill founded in 1952, is a key state-owned company affiliated to Zhejiang Forest and Industry Office. Wenzhou Timber Group Company, a key state-owned company in Wenzhou city, was founded in the May of 1991. It merged with Wenzhou Industry Investment Group under the provisions of the integrative recombination of the state-owned property in the December of 2010. The company achieved reconstruction in the August of 2012 and now has changed the company name into Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd.

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